To continue its successful economic development efforts, WCEDC and key community leaders have developed the GroWARRENow Initiative that has been backed with a multi-million dollar campaign attracting public and private sector investors. Although there are many strategies and action items, they all focus on reaching the following specific five-year goals:

1. Retain and expand the existing business base in the greater Warren County area.

2. Establish and reinforce the image of Warren County as a ‘pro-growth” location within the Greater Des Moines metro area.

3. Increase the inventory of “shovel-ready” sites/acres in greater Warren County and targeted available building space/square feet.

4. Increase the interest (measured by contacts, visits etc.) amongst strategic targeted companies in a greater Warren County location.

5. Improve all aspects of the support network for Warren County entrepreneurs.

6. Increase the number of start-ups and business establishments in the County.

Periodically during the next five years, the Warren County Economic Development Corporation and Board of Directors will review the strategic action plan to incorporate economic strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and trends into the organization’s brand, goals and position.