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The greater Warren County region serves as the "Southern Gateway" into the Greater Des Moines Metropolitan Area. As this region's economic developer, my aim is to share with the world some of the amazing projects I get to work on, and some of the incredible people I have the opportunity to meet on a day-to-day basis who build hope and opportunity for the lives of many.
Season of (Business) Celebration
Friday, October 24, 2014

by Jason E. White | Link
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The late fall and early winter period creates much excitement and anticipation.  The changing seasons, field harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, just to name a few such contributing events.

In Warren County, there is a season of ‘business celebration’ in the air.  WCEDC, our chamber of commerce friends, and many others will be recognizing several projects between now and year’s end which will greatly enhance the economic landscape of Warren County.

In total, WCEDC expects over $20 million in projects and 200 jobs to come on board by year’s end.  The first one is Sunday, when C&L Companies will open up their warehouse, distribution and testing facility in Warren County.  C&L Companies manufactures ATV and dirt bike motorcycle parts in Urbandale.

C&L Companies has already begun hiring people, but Sunday at noon will be a great time for many of us to see the completed product.  Over 50 organizations and small business contractors contributed in some way to this project.  Indianola’s Downing Construction has constructed a great facility.  The company sells parts to distributors all over the world.  WCEDC looks forward to welcoming C&L Companies into the “family” of Warren County businesses.

Additionally, Carlisle will open up a Fareway store, officially, on November 19.  Fareway will employ 50 part and full-time workers, but more importantly, the project brings groceries to the east and northeast parts of Warren County.  We often try to define the difference between a “need” and “want”.  For this part of Warren County, Fareway fulfills the ultimate of basic needs – food.

In early December, Loffredo Fresh Produce will open their vegetable slicing plant, Produce Innovations, in Norwalk.  Again, many groups collaborated to assist this project, not the least of which was Capital City Fruit, which themselves built a new $14 million facility in the community in 2012.

Finally, we expect good news on the horizon for a yet-to-be-named project for Indianola’s industrial park.  The company is performing due diligence and expects to confirm their plans soon.

As many know, attracting economic development projects is not easy.  Much competition for projects exist, and a lot can happen to have a deal fall apart.  Rejection is often the norm.  By human nature, we all want to feel wanted, accepted. When a business chooses to locate in our area, it’s a cause for all to celebrate.

As 2014 closes, Warren County and the communities therein have many reasons to feel positive.