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Microsoft Data Center in Warren County

Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Time: 1:20 PM

Microsoft recently purchased 200 acres of land, 160 of which will be in Warren County. The projected building structures are estimated to cover an area of 1.7 million square feet, making this new facility Microsoft’s largest data center in the United States. The total employment is estimated at 133 persons, and dozens of construction jobs will be created in the interim construction phases. Phases one through four of the construction will generate a capital investment of 1.5-2 billion dollars. The final phase is projected to be complete by May 2022. An estimated minimum property assessment of 307 million dollars will be generated for phases one through four and an estimated 12.3 million dollars in property taxes will be generated once all phases have been completed. This project carries several proposed infrastructure improvements including: construction of approximately 6 miles of Veterans Parkway from Maffitt Lake Road to Grand  Prairie Parkway, constructing a bridge that will cross the Raccoon River and extend Grand Prairie Parkway north across the river up to Raccoon River Drive, realignment and paving of Adams Street  from SE 50th  Street to SW 60th Street from the Cumming city limits to Adams Street, the paving of SE 50th Street from Veterans Parkway to the Polk/Warren county line, construction of sanitary sewer from SE 35th Street to the project site, extension of water lines with roadway improvements, and the extension of  MidAmerican powerlines along SE 50th Street and SW 60th Street as well as along Veterans Parkway. WCEDC will continue to update this story as new developments are made. WCEDC would like to thank the City of West Des Moines for the information presented in the preceding statements. If you would like to review the City of West Des Moines project Osmium fact sheet, please click here.