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WCEDC County-Wide Gift Certificate Program


WCEDC County-Wide Gift Certificate Program

In an effort to help keep spending local, Warren County Economic Development Corp. (WCEDC) operates a County-Wide Gift Certificate program that promotes and supports businesses throughout Warren County. The way it works is simple; gift certificates are spent like cash at any Warren County business, and then deposited by the business like a standard check. All Warren County businesses are able to, and encouraged to, accept the certificates as payment for goods and services. Gift Certificates can be purchased at the Warren County Economic Development Corp. Office located at 111 N. Buxton Street in Indianola on the West side of the square. For large quantities, please call ahead.

For Businesses:

  • Accepting Gift Certificates: Businesses accept the certificates like cash and simply deposit as they would any other standard check. Any Warren County, IA business may accept the certificates.
  • Making Change: If an individual spends less than the designated amount on the certificate, the business will provide the unspent cash amount in exchange for the certificate. For example: if a customer spends $10 of a $20 certificate, the business will give the remaining $10 balance in cash for the certificate.
  • Security Features: Each certificate comes with built-in security features including: a hologram, heat sensitive ink, watermark, micro printing, and anti-copy technology.

For Certificate Holders:

  • Spend like cash at the Warren County, IA business of your choosing. Note: Any Warren County Business may accept certificates as payment for goods and services, though it is recommended to ask the business beforehand.
  • Write the business name where you are using the certificate in the “pay to the order of” line.
  • The business simply deposits the certificate like a check into their bank account.

Additional Information:

    • Keep it safe! There are no replacements for lost or stolen gift certificates.
    • Gift certificates may not be sold or re-sold by any entity other than Warren County Economic Development Corp.
    • Spend it! Void after 180 days of the issue date.