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Theresa Greenfield, Colby Interests

 “Colby Interests believes Warren County is a best kept secret of the region with a strong workforce, beautiful communities and excellent schools. We invest in the GroWARRENow initiative because WCEDC brings together regional business and community stakeholders to support new businesses, business expansions and job creation.”

Connor Deering, CemenTech

Indianola and Warren County not only have a great centralized location, they have a technologically savvy workforce that drives differentiation for our organization”  Connor Deering, Cemen Tech

Powdered Metal Products,

“Our experience with Warren County Economic Development was a very positive one. WCEDC was very resourceful in assisting us in the planning and startup phase of our business. They were very knowledgeable of the various programs and funding options available to make our business venture a reality. We would recommend the WCEDC services to anyone considering a startup or expansion business in Warren County.”

Herb Eckhouse, La Quercia

We like doing business in Norwalk because the location works well for us and our employees. Norwalk's city officials made it easy for us to get started and allow us to focus on our business.”


Brendan Comito, Capital City Fruit

“This area provides loyal employees who are willing to grow with a company. We have been able to hire some great people who want to work close to home. Locating in Warren County helps position a company to get the best talent possible.” - Brendan Comito, Capital City Fruit